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Модель GLORIA 1.0


Тут должна была бы, находиться дверь :(

Модель GLORIA 1.8


Тут должна была бы, находиться дверь :(


Oak Crema

PREMIUM decorative films are made on the basis of polypropylene. A special feature of this fims is outstanding imitation effect of a wood
texture and painted surface. Free from solvents and formaldehyde the Premium films are also extremely environmentally friendly and contribute
to a healthier living climate. High quality material surface makes it easy to clean and guarantees outstanding resistance against mechanical stress and chemicals.

Oak Crema
Monte Carlo Walnut
Oak Grandson Natural
Ash Ice
Ash Nordic
Ash Marrone
Malaga Truffle
Oak Bianco
Oak Blancato
Oak Dorato
Oak Grey
Oak Alaska White
Salinas Oak Natural
Salinas Oak Dark
Veralinga Oak

Optim decor

OPTIM decors are modern foils of the highest quality. They combine the charm of natural woodgrain reproductions with the benefits of
industrial materials. The foil does not contain formaldehyde and the harmful substances. Pre-impregnated foil is printed with reproduction of distinctive wood and refined with environmentally friendly lacquer systems to create a highly resistant surface. The application of finishing layers results in the increase of better surface resistance and flexibility of the product itself and brings exceptional design to the product.

Americal Walnut
Dark Walnut
Grey Oak
Oak Lemon
Oak Wotan
Sanremo Oak
Scandinavian Elm
Sonoma Oak
Sonoma Oak Grey

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Collection Features

  • Construction

    - rebated or non-rebated stile and rail door leaf 40mm thick
    - massive stiles 14cm
    - material: MDF or Engineering construction with core made of wood
    - smooth narrow rails
    - rounded shape rails
    - HDF board 4 mm thick

  • Hardware

    - rebated door leafs: three regulated chrome pintle hinges, mortise lock
    - non-rebated door leafs: two concealed hinges with 3D regulation, magnetic lock
    - WC lock, cylinder lock or key lock

  • Glazing

    - matte or transparent hardened glass (standard)
    - REVERSE glazing is available (OBVERSE is standard)

  • Available door widths

    60, 70, 80, 90, 100

  • Available door heights

    1983mm, 2030mm, 2100mm

  • Additional options

    - ventilation cut
    - plastic ventilation sleeves (4 pcs.)
    - metal ventilation sleeves round or square shape (4 pcs.) finish: brushed nickel, patina, white, black
    - plastic ventilation grill
    - door leaf 100 wide
    - double door leaf
    - third hinge Estetic 80 for non-rebated doors


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